Sigma DP2 Quattro - Three lens outfit

Regular readers will be aware that I do like an 'odd' camera / lens combination. Realising that with the addition of a 58mm > 49mm reversing ring I could attach my Fuji wide and tele converters to my Sigma DP2 Quattro, I gave it a try. Below is what I got.

TOP - Wide converter    MIDDLE - No converter    BOTTOM - Tele converter

Image quality is great but as you can see there is some vignetting. However with a few minutes Photoshop work, that disappears.

Plus as below I have the option to either leave the vignetting there and / or crop the image in a variety of ways.

This is obviously not duplicating what any future DP Quattros might give us, if they are released in the same way that the DP Merrils were. However there has been no announcement about that and I don't want to buy another two cameras and carry them around anyway. It does of course beg the question as to why don't Sigma do this themselves? That would surely make the DP2 Quattro a much more attractive camera. With the addition of these converters I'm sure I'll use the camera a lot more often, as now I have a wide option and a short telephoto option. The latter is obviously very useful as because of the large pixel count of the double sized jpgs. I shoot with the camera, some serious cropping is possible.

All in all this makes the camera much more flexible for me and lets me create a wider variety of images than previously. Since my Fuji X100s is for sale it also gives me something to use the converter lenses for without selling them too. And it has to be said, using them on he Sigma shows exactly how good they are. 

There is obviously the fact that added to the camera, they make it look even more bizarre than it is already. I walked around Stratford upon Avon with my Leica T (Typ 701) round my neck and carried the Sigma + one or other of the lenses attached. The Leica hardly got a second look, but the serious photographers I passed seemed fascinated by the Sigma and I'm sure there was a lot of "What on earth is that?" going on. But then it does have a certain 'East Germany in the communist era' aesthetic for me. A bit like the camera equivalent of a Trabant. 

'Stasi chic'