Nikon Df + 28-200mm lens - The DSLR still rules

I can't stop people writing about the death or otherwise of DSLR's. I can't stop this strange desire on the part of many to hasten their departure, for whatever reason. What I can do is recount my ongoing experiences with the latest example I own of that type of camera, the Nikon Df. And write down in this article that it's blindingly fast AF and has truly extraordinary image quality. Plus it's the most efficient and fuss free camera I have at the moment and it allows me to time my images perfectly and it never lets me down. 

Whatever issue people have with DSLR's, I don't share them other than to say that I don't like them to be too big and too heavy. But then the Df is neither. It's one of my favourite cameras ever and it achieves my highest accolade, I just don't notice it when I'm out working with it and it 'gets the job done' with no errors, no delays and the minimum of fuss. People are free to think what they think and write what they write. but I have nothing but praise for this fine camera and indeed the old 28-200mm zoom lens I use with it. 

I have decided to be more positive in my writing and this is one such example. Positive is a good word to describe the Df, because that's exactly what it is. A positive camera that produces positive results. It has nothing to prove and when I'm using it, neither do I.