Upcoming Fuji Lenses - "Old School' and very tempting

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Fuji continues to come up with interesting and 'legacy' type lenses to further expand their their ever more extensive range. 35mm 'equivalents' of lots of lenses I've used in the past, particularly 135mm f/2.8 (The 90mm f/2.8) and 180mm f/2.8 (120mm f/2.8) There's a small 'standard' lens, the 35mm f/2, a teleconverter, a huge  100-400mm (one for the birders and private detectives!!) and a 16mm f/1.4. All very tempting and liable to make it even more difficult for me to put a halt to my on / off relationship with my Fuji gear.

Because no matter what the issues with the sensor and Fuji's ideas about how files should be rendered, they know how to punch their customers (and prospective customers) buttons with lenses that are modern recreations of some classic designs. They take their inspiration both from rangefinder and film SLR focal lengths and aperture settings and seem intent on producing the most comprehensive and inviting selection in the mirrorless interchangeable marketplace. While m4/3 still has more choice, the Fuji offer is arguably better in terms of quality and I've yet to see even a mediocre Fuji lens. They don't seem inclined to compromise on lens quality.

All of this makes it somewhat surprising that they still have a very small market share (around 5% it seems from figures I've seen) which is much smaller than either Sony or m4/3. So noisy as we may be, it seems that there are fewer of us than we might think who are fans of this old school approach to camera and lens styling and design.

But Fuji seem to be carrying on regardless and there seems to be no slowing down of their Fujinon lens range expansion. This is of course playing to their strengths and means that as Fuji owners we can easily put together a set of very decent lenses that suits our needs and our pockets. And of course those Fuji 'deals' that mean we can end up with some of the older lenses for virtually nothing are always around. One ends and another one starts. What this is doing for the long term financial health of the company, who knows, but if you're prepared to wait you can get some amazing deals. 

None of this clarifies what I'm going to do in the long term with my (extensive) Fuji system. Because despite all my reservations about image rendering and battery life, those lenses are incredibly tempting and may yet mean that I'm in for the long haul. Because Fuji know how to 'punch my buttons' as well. Watch this space!!