Open letter to JPEG Mini

Open letter To JPEGMini:-

I have bought your JPEGMini software. It works well and I have reduced the size of my files by a substantial amount (average around %60-70) with no discernible quality loss. This is very useful for me as a stock photographer for uploading and storage. It cost me £16.56.

However, if I want to convert the files from my 50MP Canon 5Ds or 38MP Nokia Lumia 1020 I have to buy JPEGMini Pro, since the basic programme only works up to 28MP. Which would cost me a whopping £123.18. For this I get a claimed up to 8x faster performance (which from my experience of your demo version is a gross exaggeration) and a Lightroom plugin. (Which I don't need or want since I don't use Lightroom) So in effect you are valuing your software at the same price as 18 months subscription for Photoshop CC, which I use. 

Now I have no objection to software manufacturers making a profit, far from it, but why on earth is the 'Pro' version so expensive and out of proportion to the cost of the basic programme, which surely most people will use anyway? Now I could afford this upgrade but I have no intention of doing so, because I don't like to be ripped off. And that is exactly what this price strikes me as being. I would be happy to pay a 2x or even 3x premium for that upgrade (with of course the amount I've paid for the basic version deducted) but nearly 7.5x!!!! No thanks.

If anyone from your company reads this, could you explain why this price hike? Does it really cost you 7.5x as much to produce the 'Pro' version? And exactly why are you financially extorting those of us that use high resolution cameras over 28MP? You have a great product and one that I'm sure a lot of photographers would find useful, but an ill-judged premium price which appears to be based on greed doesn't strike me as a good way to promote this. I'm far from alone in thinking this, since the photographic internet is full of comments about how expensive your 'pro' version is. Hopefully you will amend this in the near future and reimburse those who have already paid the unjustifiable price. If you don't then I suspect you might have missed an opportunity. You have certainly missed the opportunity to get more money from me.