The Leica Q (Typ 116)

The images are crazy sharp, the colour depth is fantastic, you can shoot straight into the sun with no flaring. it has a great electronic viewfinder, fast AF, focus peaking for manual, very useful macro, it has the best lens I've ever used with beautiful bokeh, very clean high ISO results, IBIS, excellent HD video and it's got a red dot on the front. It's the Leica Q (Typ 116) 

Even Leica haters like this camera and it is almost perfect, if you can put up with having just one lens. I've tried not to get that enthusiastic about the Q, since I know that the SL images look like these but with 4K video and interchangeable lenses and I'm trying (I really am!) not to buy one. It may be a loosing battle since I'm using the Q more and more and liking the images from it more and more. 

There is no doubt in my mind that this will go down as a classic Leica. How much that is due to the Panasonic input, who knows, but that collaboration is producing better and better cameras and lenses for both companies. And the Leica value of image quality at all costs is pre-eminent in the Q. Simply the best I've ever seen on my screen. Other cameras may have more pixels, but I've upsized some images from the Q to Canon 5Ds size and compared them to Canon originals and I really can't tell the difference. Something else that is making the SL even harder to resist. And that colour!! Simply beautiful. Is it realistic? Who cares, I know I don't. 

Will this camera make you a better photographer? Yes it probably will, because if you have any soul you'll want to do it justice and create something special with it. I just love pressing that shutter, anticipating what I'm going to see when I get home. And I'm rarely disappointed. Superb images from a superb camera.