2 x PANASONIC GX8 + 2 x ADAPTERS + 1 x SAMYANG 14mm + 1 x CANON 85mm

Using my Samyang 14mm f/2.8 with a Metabones 0.64x Speed Booster and my Canon 85mm f/1.8  with a 'passive' adapter I was able to get an extended couple of focal lengths on my Panasonic GX8. I often do this and if I'd taken my Samyang 85mm f/1.4 with a Nikon > m4/3 adapter I would have been able to have what would amount to 4 separate lenses. I like to experiment with different combinations of adapted lenses to see what they offer me. As well as constantly offering me something new to create images with it helps to vary my stock photography offer. It is one of the joys to me of how I make a living that I am able to do this mixing and matchng. 

I may well never take out this combination again, but for an afternoon it was my creative impetus and I do enjoy working in this way, restrictive as it may seem to be. But then since every time I go out to 'make pictures' I like to clear my mind of any preconceptions and see where what I've chosen to use takes me. Both literally, since I often don't know where I'll end up and creatively. 

The weather in the UK hasn't been great lately and I've been shooting indoors and in very dull light a lot. However, due to the need to get some regular and prolonged exercise due to a long standing leg problem and to rehabilitate from a (self inflicted) nasty crash when I decided to cycle way too fast down a hill covered with wet leaves and brake way too sharply!! I'm going out every day it's not raining. 

I'm also putting aside my 'humbug' attitude to Christmas and getting some seasonal images. Since my local stately homes seem to revel in decorating their interiors to push home just how great was the divide between their original owners and the rest of the population, I'm currently getting some traditional 'Christmas card' type shots. And while I'd much rather be out exploring what winter light can do to the landscape, since that light is in very short supply currently, I'm making do with seeing just how good my cameras are at high(er) ISO's and exactly how low a shutter speed the IBIS systems on those cameras let me shoot at.

So, even though I'm not a fan of UK winters I'm actually being quite productive. However I'm still counting the days to the start of spring.