The above images were shot with - OLYMPUS AIR A01 + APPLE iPOD TOUCH + METABONES CANON FE > m4/3 0.71x SPEED BOOSTER + CANON FE 85mm f/1.8. Now you're talking. Four different manufacturers products to construct my camera. It warms my heart!! No brand tyranny here. 

Olympus owners of certain models will wonder what all the fuss is about with these Metabones adapters, since due to the construction of some Olympus cameras they can't actually use them without damaging their pride and joy. No such problems with the Olympus AIR. The above combination had (somewhat slow) AF and aperture control, but some of the functionality and speed I enjoy with my Panasonic GX8 isn't there. For example, there is a rather nice little rocker switch on the Metabones which changes the aperture, but it doesn't work on the AIR. However, it is a combination that works. More suited to a controlled, take your time, tripod mounted shoot, but none the less useful. 

And I should once again repeat what using this adapter gives me. I wrote this is response to a comment in one of my Google+ groups. 

'It's not for everyone but for me:-
1. I get 'lenses' that no one will ever make
2. It's very cost effective (Olympus are probably already thinking of a number and doubling it for those f/1.2 primes)
3. 'FF' primes are better made with more lens area, better designed to cover a larger sensor and with the crop factor I get to use their 'sweet spot' all the time.
4. The Speed booster actually improves the quality of those lenses even more, by taken a larger lens light gathering area than the native m4/3 ones and sending that to the sensor.
5. Even though the adapted lenses have the same aperture as without the adapter, the light gathering is increased by one stop. So across the board my adapted lenses are a stop faster than any m4/3 ones with advantages for shutter speeds and ISO settings. 
6. With Canon IS lenses I get the lens IS AND the IBIS, this makes for incredibly stable hand held options, particularly for video.
6. Even m4/3 can't compete with the choices Nikon and Canon offer.
7. Finally, on a personal note, today I went out with an Olympus Air, Apple iPod controlling it, Metabones adapter and Canon lenses. For me thats new, stimulating, creatively inspiring and avoids my antipathy to brand allegiance.
8. Oh and I actually like heavier lenses. Better balance, firmer and more stable handling and I don't look like a dick with some toy camera pretending to be a photographer. 

And if you wondering what 8. is all about, I really have trouble with small camera + small lens combinations. Much as I liked the idea of something like the old Panasonic GF1 + 20mm pancake lens, I never felt comfortable with it, particularly when using the add-on viewfinder. Something that small just isn't comfortable for me and if I'm not comfortable, then I usually don't create a lot of images I'm pleased with. Ever since I started using 35mm film cameras, I've learned to cup a lens with my left hand and with my eye to viewfinder brace and steady the camera against my face. This means I can hand hold slowish shutter speeds with no camera shake, But these very small cameras don't offer that option, which means that the smartphone way of holding a camera, which works well for them, is usually the way I use a small camera, which doesn't work as far as I'm concerned and does make me look like a 'happy snapper' which does make me blend in and be anonymous, but hardly lets a client take me seriously if I turn up for a commissioned job. 

However, no such problems with the above Olympus Air combination. And actually with no other lenses either, since the AIR itself is big enough to get a decent grip on. And with my iPod touch attached running the app. it's actually a nice combination to use, though only in horizontal mode.

Finally, I am of course writing this for the inhabitants of certain countries and those, like me, with an adventurous spirit who have imported the camera. It is still only officially available in Japan and the U.S. and I've seen no indication that anyone else is getting it. Maybe Olympus have a good reason for this, though personally I think it's one of their more stupid and short sighted decisions. Either they believe in it as a product or they don't. And if they do why can't the rest of the world buy it? It is one of the more interesting camera releases this year, but many of you won't even have the opportunity to try it. Strange decision, but this is top down, ivory tower, Japanese corporate management after all. And to be honest the fact that I've got round that and attached all sorts of other companies products to it is probably one of the reasons I like using it so much.

Soundimageplus 1 - Shortsighted, outdated, old school capitalist thinking and patronising attitude 'the customer is never right' marketing 0.

Shot with - OLYMPUS AIR A01 + APPLE iPOD TOUCH + METABONES CANON FE > m4/3 0.71x SPPED BOOSTER + CANON FE 85mm f/1.8. Alas poor Olympus!! Their (Don't) give the customers what they want philosophy disappeared some years ago for many companies, but not it seems at Olympus HQ. No wonder the camera manufacturing industry is on the slide.