Not sure whether some people have noticed, but bespoke cameras don't exist!

Just read yet another bleating whine about how DSLR's are dying, about how people desperately want integration between their DSLR and phone, and how Nikon and Canon employees will all end up on the streets living in cardboard boxes because they don't seem to want to take the authors advice and concentrate on making cameras like the Samsung NX1 (A personal favourite of the writer.) Well we all know what the NX1 has done for Samsung!!! And as for the other 'truths?' Well I'll leave you to come to a decision on that. 

It's supreme arrogance to imagine what you want is what everybody else wants, it's also supreme arrogance to pretend to know what is going to happen and to assume the mantle of being some kind of photographic soothsayer and be able to know what will happen and who is going to buy what. Sales figures show that 2 out of 3 people who buy an interchangeable lens camera buy a DSLR. So any notion that everybody is rushing to buy mirrorless / CSC / E.V.I.L cameras is clearly not the case.

Sure many mirrorless cameras do great things, but not everybody wants them. And when I take out my Canon 5Dr or Nikon D750, I don't want them to suddenly do smartphone and mirrorless tricks, I don't want them to integrate with the cloud, automatically download images to my phone or upload them to my facebook account, I don't want them to run apps or have a constantly running, battery draining live view screen and I don't want them to have face recognition software (I can spot one of those myself.) Because if I want those smartphone and mirrorless tricks, I'll use a smartphone or mirrorless camera.

But then those mirrorless / CSC / E.V.I.L  cameras don't escape this 'I think this camera should have this so everybody should listen to me,' nonsense either. Because no matter how much any of us who choose to make our views public on the internet, moan and complain about what this camera has that this one doesn't and what this should have to make it better, it seems to be the case that the best selling cameras at any given time are those that have been around for a while and have been given a significant price drop. Because like it or not people seem to buy cameras because of one overiding factor, how much does it cost?

So all over the world container loads of budget, last years model, DSLR's with kit lenses and one upgrade back 'mirrorless marvels' are being snapped up by consumers far more concerned about good value than some fluff menu item. 'Oh God, it doesn't have V-Log, how will I cope?' is not a cry heard very often from the inside of huge electronics stores. More like 'Oh that's good value for the money and I can buy that and still afford that extra weeks holiday.' 

So maybe my fellow reviewers / bloggers / commentators / pundits could stop thinking about how much income they are generating from their affiliate advertising for a while and actually concern themselves with assessing gear in a way that a) relates to those who aren't professional 'web chatterers' and / or b) write an honest appraisal of how they genuinely interact with the gear they use, without bombastic pontification and a deluded sense of their own importance. Then, we might get a more honest and more useful photographic internet. But then I suppose it's possible that it could start raining smarties as well!!