Why can't my camera be more like a smartphone?

Following the Sony Xperia Z5 we now have the new phones from Microsoft (Previously Nokia) so contrary to rumours the Windows phone is not dead. And following on from my recent comments that I'm now more interested in smartphones than the majority of enthusiast cameras currently being released, this is good news for me, since I've had a productive relationship with my Nokia Lumia 1020.. And while the camera companies just seem to bolt more pixels and some tech, fluff onto camera designs from the last millenium, the phone manufacturers are the ones moving things forward. Of course these are only untested specs. but they are the kind of specs. I'm interested in.

  • 5.7' Amoled scratch proof screen with sunlight enhancement
  • 20MP camera with zeiss lens f/1.9
  • 4K video
  • Three (yes three) flashes aiming to produce natural looking images
  • Fast Charging and longer lasting battery (allegedly!!!)
  • Replaceable battery and wireless charging
  • Integration with PC and you can plug it into a monitor
  • Separate camera button
  • USB 3
  • Image stabilisation
  • Cheap compared to a 'proper' camera

In the meantime the camera manufacturers keep on churning out retro styled cameras with their pathetic live view screens. Sure there is one fixed lens and not a lot of scope for fiddling about, but I'll leave that to the leisure photographers.

I like the way the phone manufacturers pick up on the things that (some) photographers want. The ones that are interested in creating images that is. They have realised, unlike the camera companies that all this processing and improved screen technology needs power. That it's important to get the images onto a PC ASAP. That true connectivity and with the internet on board is essential, not a add on complicated luxury. They take photography seriously, unlike most of the photographic internet that takes cameras seriously. And yes, I'm probably exaggerating all of this and unfairly putting down what are very fine picture taking machines. But I am somewhat disillusioned with the lack of movement and genuine innovation within conventional camera gear. And with all the gear head enthusiasts pretending to be 'pros.' 

I'll buy one of these and probably the Sony Xperia Z5 as well and slowly but surely my DSLR's, mirrorless cameras and lenses will get parcelled up to go to new homes. It's not an idea in my head any more, it's a reality. It will happen. And my back will be pleased and my bank manager will be pleased. And of course so will I. And I suspect the people who buy and publish my pictures will be pleased too.