The Sony RXIR II

Apart from it's ludicrous 'name' (what on earth is wrong with RXII) the upgrade from the RX1 is welcome. Still way too expensive and liable to lose value even faster than any player Mamchester United buy, but the combination of a 42.5MP sensor and a built in EVF, in such a small package is a genuinely useful tool for photographers. It's not really a compact A7r II (what is it with camera makers and adding II to everything?) since that camera has lots of other features and as usual Sony have their 'gimmick' the 'variable low pass filter' but it's a very interesting camera none the less. 

However, as indicated above, the price means it's going to be used by less photographers than it might be, including me. Though I guess I could wait a while and watch it follow the usual Sony pattern of getting cheaper by the week. I've written about this many times before that Sony can't get themselves Leica 'luxury brand' type status by just charging ludicrous prices. And any notion that this camera will hold its value like a Leica is fantasy. 

And for me this is one of the reasons that I have pretty much left Sony. As I indicated in a previous post, I have made the decision to get the Canon 5Dr, rather than the Sony A7r II. The main reasons for this are - The poor choice of native AF lenses Sony have available compared to Canon and the fact that I will loose significantly more money on the Sony over time. 

So well done to Sony for coming up with a nice idea for a camera. Not so well done for pricing it to imply it's something that it's not. I'll pass.