L-Plate Grips - Affiliate Programme - Leica 23mm on the way.


A very strange thing happened today. Firstly I was preparing a post on L-shaped grips and was waiting for the pictures to upload. I checked my emails and there was one from Matthew at PhotoMadd who was asking me if I'd like to participate in his affiliate programme and run an ad. (See above) I said I was glad to and finished the post, which promptly disappeared. 

So after all the 'spookiness' I'm re-writing the article and am including the ad above it. (And yes I do get a commission, so lets be clear about that right up front) 

The gist of the article was that L-Plate grips are my favourite accessory. I like the way they improve the handling on my cameras and I prefer them to battery grips. I've sourced the above grips from a variety of places. Three of the the Fuii grips came from PhotoMadd, though the X-A1 / X-M1 grip is from China via ebay. The Sony A7s and A7r grips are also from China via ebay and Amazon. 

I really like the solid metallic feel these give my camera, though I have to say that this weather they can be extremely cold and 'frostbiting'. Nice in the summer though!! And just to say that you can get Fuji X camera grips from a variety of sources. However, as a UK resident, first it's easier for me to buy them PhotoMadd and I don't have the wait for something that's coming from the other side of the world. Plus as a UK resident I'm only too pleased to give a plug to a UK business that has been set up from scratch by a fellow blogger. 

So, I'll be running the PhotoMadd ad with all the above in mind. Apart from anything else Amazon have enough money!!


Second part of the post is to say that I've ordered a S/H 23mm f/2 for my Leica T. I got it for £500 less than the list price and though it's still a very expensive lens, I'm having a good month picture library wise so I thought why not?

Finally, as I expected I'm somewhat in need of a break from 5 solid days of editing, uploading, captioning and keywording images, so the next few days should see me finishing off the articles I've started.