Don't give up the day job

I've been posting very little here recently because I'm spending a lot of time editing, uploading, captioning and keywording images to my stock photography libraries. I've found a way of making it less painful so I'm taking advantage of this 'enthusiasm' while it lasts.

If you follow any of my social media outlets you'll get an idea of what's going on. Posting there is relatively quick and I've got some auto posting set up from some of the libraries. Here are some links if you are interested.

I'm currently working on several articles, and have ideas for others. So when I feel the need for a rest from this, which I inevitably will, I'll start posting regularly again. However this is my day job, so I'll get on with it.


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Stock Photography Workflow - Part 2 Post Processing

iPad workflow - Is is for professionals?

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Sony 50MP sensor? Is this useful or just bragging?

Smartphone HDR Panoramas

Autostitch for iPad

Snapseed - Hero or villain?

See you soon.