More Snapseed Panoramas - Fuji X-A1 35mm f/1.4 XF lens


  • Capture - Fuji X-A1 35mm f/1.4 XF lens
  • Transferred to iPad using SD card adapter
  • Images stitched together in Autostitch App
  • Edited in Snapseed App

I think I like / use Snapseed a bit too much. I do love the 'dreamy' look of these panoramas though.

Incidentally just to show what this smartphone / filter picture library current fashion does to photographic standards >

I got rave reactions to the above shot. It's a multi image stitch gone wrong that I destruction filtered and uploaded anyway. A 'what the hell' image. One library I uploaded it too plus some twitter followers loved it!! The library even gave me a small gratuity!

Is this art? Is this creative? Is this Lomo / Lensbaby / Holga tosh masquerading as something significant? Or is it just BS? I'll leave you to decide. You already know what I think.