Daffodils in January? Fuji X-A1 in action

Fuji X-A1 XF 14mm f/2.8 lens

Apparently there are all sorts of species of flowers out in the UK this month that are way early. Yesterday I was astonished to see daffodils growing in my local churchyard. Disconcerting, but nonetheless very nice to see.

I've been using the cheap S/H X-A1 I bought and the above shot was taken with my 14mm lens. I'm in the process of doing some posts on this X-Trans / Bayer CMOS sensor comparison and my initial results are showing what I suspected. The X-A1 raw files process significantly better in Adobe Camera Raw and a somewhat surprising find is that the X-A1 consumes about half the power of my other Fuji X cameras. 

As I said there will be couple of detailed articles coming soon. But this is being held up by the fact that there is a lot of sunshine about at the moment. It's very cold but there are clear blue skies outside my window. So I'm off to shoot and shiver!!