The Fuji X-A2

So the Fuji X-A2 is announced. To a somewhat muted fanfare it has to be said. However, for me, there is one VERY interesting thing about this camera. It DOESN'T have an X-Trans sensor. The commonly held belief is that it is the Sony 16MP Bayer C-MOS sensor used in many other cameras, including of course my Leica T (Typ 701) So, in effect, it is possible to see how those Fuji XF lenses perform in front of a well established and well regarded sensor.

Now, I've always wanted to have a look at that. Particularly as I loved the quality of the files I got from my original X100, again a non X-Trans sensor camera. However, I wasn't prepared to buy an X-A1 to do that. Until now. The X-A2 has re-awakened my interest in seeing the difference between X-Trans and Bayer CMOS sensors. Consequently I've been looking on ebay to see if something turned up. And it did. I found a S/H X-A1 for a very reasonable price, which shows just how unpopular (compared to other Fuji cameras) the X-A1 is (was). So, I'm pretty sure I'll get my money back and it will give me the chance to do some extensive testing to see whether my thesis, that the X-Trans sensor isn't great at low ISO's for my kind of work, without third party software. I also want to see just what I can get out of the X-A1 with my Fuji lenses. Because I'm very familiar with that sensor, having used it on a lot of cameras.

Now, I'm open minded about this and I've had enough experience of having an opinion on something and then turning that around when encountered by reality!! And as people are well aware, I have no problem in changing my mind and accepting that I make mistakes and jump to conclusions just like everybody else on the photographic internet. The difference being, I guess, that I'm more likely to admit that than some others I could mention.

It should be interesting, particularly as I'm planning to take the X-A1 out on a tripod and give it a serious workout with what I believe are some pretty special Fuji lenses. The camera should arrive in a day or two and then there is some decent (but freezing cold) weather forecasted which should give me a good opportunity to get some comparison work done. 

So watch this space.