iPad Panoramas - Smartphone pictures - Radical approach for 2015?

My New Year picture was actually an 360 degree iPad Panorama and this tablet / iPhone 6 feature is very good. It stitches together pretty well, with only the odd (fixable) error. The great thing is that you see the panorama emerging as you move the iPad. I got a bit 'creative' with the top one to create an 'armageddon wasteland' type image, but as you can see from the other three it's capable of 'natural' results as well.

The iPad also does this slo mo video as well, but that's for another post. 

Currently I'm considering a radical approach for 2015. Still haven't worked it all out yet, but I know I want to work in a different way and without the same old gear (in whatever brand) I'll have to see whether I can work out something that suits me or even go through with it. Just to say all the above are smartphone pictures, so that might be clue.