What's so special about the Leica T?

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Well, it's a fair question. What exactly is so special about the Leica T? Lots of cameras have 16MP sensors, some a lot higher than that. It's no great shakes at AF speed. It's OK, but certainly no speed merchant. And it probably makes no sense that I would call it the ultimate point and shoot camera. But that's exactly what it is for me.


Because just as the body is stripped right back to a modern minimalist shell, all be it a very attractive one, how the camera works is also designed to make the picture creating process as simple as possible. Taking away all the hassle and fiddling around with controls and leaving the photographer free to concentrate on the important stuff. Making pictures.


And if that sounds like Leica marketing speak, then I can't help that. The EVF and the screen are both the best I've ever used. And that's important because using either I can see my composition much clearer. Setting it up is easy, because Leica don't go in for pages and pages of options. The menu is one page involving one scroll down. That's it. Plus it's all touch screen (and a very good touch screen at that) Now if you think that only a short while ago I wouldn't have been that keen on that, you'd be right. But as I wrote in a previous post, I never got to use a touch screen as good as this before.


And then there is the lens performance and the image processing. The lens is pretty much flawless, as you'd be right to expect considering it's so expensive and Leica have also learnt from Sony about how to create a image. The Leica T OOC jpgs. are just superb. They require virtually no work. They are sharp with accurate colour and I really haven't spotted even the slightest artefact as yet. 


So it's easy in, easy out. I guess if you want a camera to play around with, there are other better alternatives. But if like me if you just want the camera to do it's job and leave the creative stuff to me, then you might just like the T. And yes it's expensive, but I have no problem in paying for the simplicity, the efficiency and the close to perfection results I get. If I want to make something of the images in Photoshop, then that's where I should be doing it, not in the camera. The Leica T's great strength is it produces flawless files that are perfectly exposed, sharp, have no artefacts and have spot on colour. It does all sorts of other 'techie' stuff do but the important thing is it gets the basics spot on and as I'm fond of saying, leaves the 'fancy' stuff to me. 


I've waited a long time for a camera to do this. It has no quirks, produces no odd colours and gives me a jpg. (or raw) file that I can process using the Adobe software I'm set up to use in my workflow. There is very little to say about it other than that. It does it's job and I do mine. And there's not many cameras I've owned I can say that about.

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