The Sigma 50mm f/1.4 ART lens - One of the best lenses ever made?

OK. It's day one of Soundimageplus 2.0 complete with new home for the blog, bigger and better pictures and a whole lot of complicated web fiddling for me. (Not one of my talents, so be prepared for some glitches!!) And to start things off I've ordered both a S/H Nikon Df which is coming later today and the mouth-watering (and eye-watering) brutally heavy monster of a lens, the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 ART. From reviews and tests one of the best lenses ever made.

So before I take it out for a road test, I got out my Metabones adapter, stuck it on the front of my Sony a6000 and shot some images wide open at f/1.4. So I looked at the images on the screen and when I'd picked my jaw up off the floor and put my eyes back in their sockets I came to the immediate conclusion that THIS THING IS SHARP!!!! Now much as I like and appreciate the Sony a6000 and it is a terrific camera, I never knew it could produces results like this. And at f/1.4 for heavens sake. God knows what it's like when I stop it down. But more of that in future posts.

Suffice to say that this looks like a seriously good lens (and a seriously heavy one as well) But why did I buy it? Well much as I like working with my phone cameras and instagramming them to this side of oblivion, I still have this serious photo buff / nerd / old-school / middle aged / middle class / photo enthusiast / hobbyist streak in me, which despite my attempts to take trending, social media and reality TV seriously, just won't go away. I still think 'serious' cameras have either Leica or Nikon written on the front of them and if they don't make my back ache they aren't 'proper' cameras. However, my Sony a6000 does gain significant gravitas when paired with this lens. As you can see it's almost as big as Jeff the cat. OK, he's not that big but you get my point.

More to the point is the fact that I have decided to go into a new and somewhat expensive direction, which is to look at some of the oddball and / or high end examples of cameras and lenses that are around these days. Now that may mean I have them for a short time and sell them on quickly to avoid loosing money, but since I'm sure that you'll happily click on the Google ads and buy all your photo stuff from my Amazon links, I'm sure I'll cope. And try as I might I really can't resist trying out the really good stuff. The cameras that look great and perform miracles for us photographers and the lenses that show us the world we photograph in astonishing detail. And since I'm only here just this one time and life's too short to change the habits of a lifetime and get sensible about buying cameras and lenses, that I'm happy to give this a go.


If nothing else it should make for some entertaining posts. And as to the question at the top of the post - Is this one of the best lenses ever made, it's certainly off to a good start.

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