More Panasonic FZ1000 'video stills'

All the above are 'frame grabs' off 4K video shot with the Panasonic FZ1000. They are astonishingly good in terms of quality and create a 7MP jpg. Not huge but you can create these in camera by toggling through the footage frame by frame and selecting one, more or all the frames to pick the best one later.

This allows me to just let the camera run and select what works best later. The shot of the man taking a picture was from a sequence where I was panning the camera as the moving train passed by. The chances of getting this shot by shooting in stills camera mode were remote. Plus even burst rates and motordrive type shooting has it's limits, whereas I let the camera run for several minutes in some cases.

So it is incredibly useful for a lot of subjects and opens up all sorts of possibilities for getting shots that wasn't possible before. At present this is what I use 4K video for. I can't edit it and my laptop won't even run it smoothly. So I have to decide if it's worth my while to upgrade my computer in order to do both of those things. My suspicion is that I probably won't, sine the only 'pro' video I shoot these days is with my nephew who dos have the capacity to edit it. My own 'personal' video doesn't really need to be 4K quality. It's a shame because it does look absolutely stunning.

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