Sunray effect with Blackberry Q10

Blackberry Q10 Smartphone

Blackberry Q10 Smartphone

For no reason that I think of, my Blackberry Q10 produces this rather nice 'sun ray' effect when I include the sun in the picture. It was almost the last picture I shot in North Wales and has turned out to be one of my favourites.  The Blackberry does produce this effect consistently which is useful. I've written before about how surprisingly good the camera is on this phone and it just doesn't get any attention whatsoever. It has very accurate colour and the images are 6MP so the sensor isn't being 'overpixeled'. All of this contributes to a very useful tool for creating images.

You will also see that the dynamic range is pretty good too. I've always had a soft spot for this phone since it's what go me started shooting images in a different way. Just proves that current phones are viable picture making devices and even the most basic can produce interesting and pleasing results.


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