You can access the whole Mirrorlesson Photokina archive HERE.

I've been featuring these articles because I very much like Heather and Mathieu's approach. There is very much an 'independent' feel to their writing and I like the fact that they set up all the interviews themselves as well as financing their visit to Photokina themselves. 

I find their pieces are a refreshing antidote to the news items and interviews by the 'usual suspects.'

I would point out, in case anyone is wondering, that I have no relationship with their site, though having met them once when they did buy lunch for myself and my wife, you will have to decide what effect that has had!!! However, I get nothing out of it, nor incidentally  from any of the links I post or other recommendations. 

I have to say that I was glad when I found Mirrorlessons (though to be accurate they found me) and I immediately responded to their style and focused writing. Their approach is different to mine (they are much more polite!!) and they have a slightly different audience, though I do think we share readers on common. I've been banging on for years about an independent WYSIWYG photographic internet with people writing and reviewing simply because they love photography, rather than what they get out of it. And Mirrorlessons is a fine example of that.

There is a permanent link to their site and others that I like HERE.