As well as being an all-in-one solution, the Sony RX10 makes my job as a stock photographer easier by producing top class files straight out of the camera. Below are all from out of camera jpgs. with no editing.

The less editing I have to do to a picture, the more I like it.


Regular readers will know how much I dislike that term. And I don't like it because it simply doesn't make sense. The RX10, just like the Panasonic  FZ1000 isn't a bridge between anything. It is in fact a completely separate entity. All-in-one, superzoom, hybrid, even super sompact are better, if still inadequate descriptions of what a camera such as the RX10 will do. It's a great stills camera, unless you really need super clean high ISO results and probably an even better video camera, capable of broadcast quality results, or pretty close to that. As a travel camera or a camera for someone like me who shoots stock photography, it just ticks so many boxes. 

It's capable of producing high-resolution files for demanding publication uses and it's also seriously fast, easy and slick to use. It has been somewhat overshadowed by the incredible zoom lens and 4K video of the FZ1000, but it's still a seriously good camera in it's own right. It has uses in virtually all forms of photography and could be used as a frontline camera as well as a backup for other cameras.

In a previous post i compared it to the a6000 and in terms of image quality there is still something to be gained from the larger sensor and a quality prime lens. But if anyone had told me that I would have such an amazing self-contained stills / video hybrid camera at my disposal even a couple of years ago, I wouldn't have believed it. And the fact that there are two of them from different manufacturers is even more amazing. (See comparison article HERE)

The RX10 is a camera that quite literally makes my job easier and for that alone I would rate it very highly. That it does so while producing such high quality files and with so many options is a bonus. And it may have started out being overpriced, but currently it is a bargain. If you haven't used one, then do it give it a try. I think you may be surprised by just how well it works and at the quality of it's output and how easy it is to use.

Finally for a more light-hearted appraisal of the RX10 you might like to read THIS POST


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There is an interesting article on the BBC website HERE, which deals with many of the issues above.

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