I've now moved all my previous blogger posts from the last few years to here. So after a bit more tweaking this is going to become both the blog section of the website and eventually the sites homepage as well.

I've looked into creating some kind of index for all the posts on the main page, but I can't get it small enough. If I can I'll include it, but I've included a search box in the right hand column and that seems to work well.

I'm getting close to announcing that the website is as I want it, but there are still some changes i need to make and to a large extent I'll still trying things out. I would ask if you are experiencing any problems with the devices you are viewing it on to let me know and I'll attempt to fix them.

As I've written before, this is a pretty steep learning curve for me. Running the Google blogger site was a walk in the park compared to this. However that site didn't have the possibilities that this one does. This is my personal, business and blog site all rolled into one and it's nice to have everything under the Soundimageplus domain name. In time I'm going to be expanding some sections, such as the music page and I really need to improve my portfolio pages.

You will have noticed that the site is running more advertising than the Google blog. However I'm trying to get it as minimal as possible while still hopefully getting an income from it in order to keep buying gear for reviewing. To understand the need for this CLICK HERE. Plus running a site like this takes an incredible amount of time to maintain as I've been finding out. I've been doing little else for days in fact.

All blog and review sites need to run advertising in order to keep going. Mirrorlessons, Steve Huff, The Phoblographer et al have all those little boxes on their site that generate income via clicks and by visitors buying items via those links. So please do bear that in mind.

An example of how this works is that Heather and Mathieu of Mirrorlessons have paid to go to Photokina. They are doing a great job and later today I'll include some more links to their latest posts. But all their work and the costs of travel and accommodation are borne by them. And like me they don't get sent cameras by all the camera manufacturers. Some sites do, but many don't and they, like me, have to buy or hire the cameras to review. And in a world where it's getting more and more difficult (certainly in the UK) to go into a shop and actually try a camera out, these 'hands-on' sites, of which this is one, that have detailed long term use of gear are going to become one of the few ways of finding out whether a camera, lens or accessory is something we might want to buy. I've written before about having to do a pretty long round trip to the Leica dealer that is closest to where I live. There used to be one in Birmingham, my local big city, but that's long gone. So some of us do what we can to provide as much information  for prospective buyers out there.

The final thing I would say, is that you may well be getting the impression that I'm taking this blog more seriously than I did. And you would be right. I figured if I'm going to do this, then I might as well do it as well as I possibly can. I've got all sorts of things planned for the next weeks and I'll be trying all sorts of things and seeing what attracts an audience and what doesn't. I have no plans however to change the style or the approach. My gear reviewing will still be centred around how it works for me in terms of what I do. And I do very much want to keep it centred around the fact that I'm a working photographer who writes a blog in addition to that, rather than a 'professional blogger' who makes the bulk of their living from their internet presence.

Because that's what I think that the Soundimageplus blog has to offer. As well as being a place to see what the latest stuff does and to discuss photographic practice and technique, it will hopefully also serve as an insight as to what it's like to earn a living as a photographer.

Finally can I ask again for any feedback you want to pass on to me. I probably can't do everything people want and as I think you are aware I'm learning 'on the job' here, but I will try to make the site as attractive and useful as I can.

Thank you for your patience and all your support in the past.