Nothing to do with photography, but everything to do with being British, which I'm proud to be. My fellow residents of the UK north of the border seem to have decided (At least a majority of them have) that remaining part of the Union with increased powers is a better option that the huge risk (with probably catastrophic consequences) of becoming a separate country.

I've always been strongly in favour of less borders, not more, and I've never seen anything I like about Nationalism of any kind. To my mind it's divisive and only creates more intolerance, more insularity and less of a feeling that we could (and should) be more connected with everybody else in the world and rather than exaggerate our differences we should seek to celebrate our similarities.

I would point out that if Scotland did become independent I would have actually made more money, since Sterling would have fallen. Since I get paid mostly in US dollars I would have got a much better exchange rate. However, the thought of living in a larger and still 'complete' country far outweighs any short term financial gain.

A good night for those of us who consider ourselves British first and English second.