Photokina product announcement madness - and a subjective misinformed set of reactions from me.

If you want the list of all the 'highlights' from the massive Photokina trade show about to start - this is the Dpreview list.

I've already given a plug to the Mirrorlessons Live Blog on my blogger site.






Obviously not as comprehensive and somewhat unsurprisingly focusing on mirrorless offerings. As you can see it's one of those seriously insightful posts!!!

I got a tweet from Heather and Mathieu saying 'We look forward to hearing your thoughts about the new products!' So as in the title I thought I'd offer a subjective, completely misinformed, prejudiced, gut reaction analysis of the items that interest me. This is of course an 'entertainment' only. DO NOT under any circumstances take this seriously. Regular readers will also be aware that the stuff I'm enthusiastic about now I will probably buy and sell on in a week and the stuff I rant about and accuse of being the work of the devil, I'll end up thinking is the second coming. So with that in mind, here goes.

The two announcements that jump out at me are the Samsung NX1 and the Panasonic 1" sensor smart phone. But I have to say the 'sexiest' looking piece of kit announced has to be this.

Now that's a camera!!

The Samsung NX1 is going to get a LOT of attention because it's got incredible specs. It does look really interesting, but my initial reaction is disappointment that they didn't put Android OS on it and that it looks a bit of a beast. No mirrorless weight and size savings here, So probably not for me (though you will all be well aware that means nothing!) It is however very strange that Samsung have finally come out with a camera that is actually exciting. The sleeping giant awakes.

Best promo video of all the announcements is the one for the Panasonic LX100. When I thought about the camera I couldn't really see what all the fuss is about. Just a m4/3 (sort of) compact with a fixed zoom and 4K video. Nothing there really that my FZ1000 doesn't do better. Great video though.

I did initially get very enthusiastic about the Panasonic smart phone with the 1"" sensor camera. It is obviously the sign of things to come and shows that eventually these all in one media / communication / internet devices will take over pretty much everything. But then I really don't want another smartphone and my Nokia 1020 is pretty special. The Panasonic is also going to be expensive, which considering the market it's aimed at could be a mistake. Phone buyers are used to cheaper than this.

Incidentally, hot off the presses, Olympus have just announced a smart phone module, see above, which is something like the Sony add-on lens system presumably (or not as I can't quite work it out) However how long products like this will last I couldn't say. Smartphones with high quality zooms is obviously the next step. Getting them small enough is the trick, but that surely has to be the next advance.

Personally, in terms of what I will definitely buy, the somewhat dull by comparison Nikon 20mm f1.8 is something I'd love for my Df. Not very sexy and new, but I could do great things with one of those.

I've already commented on Fuji's announcement which doesn't particularly excite me. Like wise Canon's update of the 7D (yawn) and their RX100 copy. (Dull, Dull, Dull) And when I actually paused to reflect on all this new stuff, I realised that there really isn't anything that revolutionary there. It's all refinement. Plus there sees to be some BIG lenses coming for mirrorless systems, which kind of makes the systems all look like DSLR's and somewhat negating the benefits. And it does seem to be a question of lets get all this fancy stuff out now and pretend that the smart phone revolution isn't going to turn all of it into landfill in the next few years.

And yes that's a huge exaggeration, but the inexorable rise of the smart / phone / camera / multi media / internet device is looming on the horizon. And for the majority of people who want to take pictures that will probably be what they choose. They will do everything to a standard that most find acceptable, they will be small, easy to use and relatively cheap. It's where all the R & D is. Much as Samsung will push the NX1, you can bet that the majority of the research money at that company is in the phone division. Which maybe explains why Samsung are chasing the serious enthusiast / pro market with the NX1.

So we will see how this all pans out. I'm interested to see Heather and Mathieu's take on all this stuff because they are actually there and will be getting hands on with the stuff. So do keep following them HERE.

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