The Fuji announcements

Just a few comments on the Fuji announcements. Prettied up X-T1 and X100T and the bokehed up 56mm are small changes. I always liked Fuji because they didn't do this incremental update stuff like other companies. It seems however that they now feel compelled to be like everybody else. Somewhat disappointing. These minor changes are for who exactly? Are some Fuji owners going to change what they have or is this to attract new customers? Who knows. But for a company that prides itself on keeping all models current and offering firmware upgrades, these strike me as some strange product launches. Why not wait until they can offer something with rather more of a wow factor than this?

One genuine new product, the 50-140mm f/2.8 pro spec. zoom. Massive lens, though still smaller and cheaper than Nikon and Canon equivalents. Way too heavy for me but I'm sure it will a fine lens.

I would have liked to see a battery with more power. A very small thing but it would demonstrate a genuine professional commitment. The only time I've used the X-T1 for a 'pro' job, it ran out of power at a key moment. And you're either serious about going for a professional market or not. No battery indicator in the firmware update for the X-T1 either. Disappointing.

Dpreview have finally mentioned the unmentionable about the sensor as well as others including me. "And this, (the video) more than the stills image quality, makes us consider the 'what if' of Fujifilm going back to using a Bayer color filter layout." Now some moron had a go at me on a Fuji forum because of this, but the point is the X-Trans sensor isn't any better than the current Sony Bayer 16MP sensors AND has the added problem of not processing the raw files terribly well in the Adobe software most of us use. I've said it before and I'll say it again, imagine those Fuji lenses in front of the current Sony 24MP APS-C sensor.  Now that's something worth upgrading to as far as I'm concerned.

So nothing for me there, but others may find the small upgrades are just what they want. Still I guess it's Photokina time and they needed something to get a few headlines.

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