Archive material and my blogger site

As I've indicated, all new Soundimageplus blog posts will now be published on this website. However I am intending to keep the blogger site running alongside it to complement what I'm doing here. One of the things that I thought might be useful would be to collect all my archive review and user material together for the various cameras and lenses I've used and present a link to that material.

It's the case that while much of the photographic internet moves very quickly on to what's new, in the real world lots of gear has a much longer 'shelf life'. For example because of discounting etc. The Sony NEX-6 is a huge best seller currently. While many of us might have moved on, this is a camera that people are still buying in large quantities. This is just one example and you can see many others on the websites that show the various deals that can be found. Cameras even a few years old are still incredibly useful tools for taking pictures with and in many cases are really not that different from the latest models that get all the attention.

So first off I've collected together my material on the Sony A7 and you can find my blogger archive  HERE. I'll be sorting more of this out over the coming days and weeks.

Apart from anything I'm reluctant to shut down my blogger site  because it's where I started doing this. Initially I stared writing posts as a way of doing something different while I sat in front of my computer endlessly editing and uploading images. It's since become an important part of my life and I look forward to writing these posts. So, I've thought of this way to keep it going and I have a few other ideas about how to use it as well. I can't duplicate posts on both since Google will punish me in terms of search engine prominence if I do, so it will be be presenting different things and running in parallel to this site. I will of course be linking between the two.

Finally, just a brief words on the Amazon ads. Someone has mentioned that the Amazon ads. are big and indeed they are. However I've decided to include them in this in the blog posts and put them at the bottom of the post. That way you get to read the posts without having to see the adverts on either side. I'm giving this a try and it keeps the visual look of the material somewhat less 'busy' than it might otherwise be.

As you will be aware I'm trying all sorts of things out currently so things may well change in the future. So please bear with me while I go through this. I'm certainly no web design expert and this is difinitely a steep learning curve for me. But it will make for some interesting times I'm sure and it is nice to have this blog on my own website under the soundimageplus domain finally. Finally getting serious at last.

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To support this site buy your gear through Amazon following the links below.

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The Sony a7 and a7R: The Unofficial Quintessential Guide
By Brian Matsumoto Ph.D, Carol F. Roullard