Fuji X-T1 and 23mm f/1.4. Raw file samples for download - Is this the best Fuji X offers?

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Fuji X-T1 + 23mm f/1.4 LENS. Raw File Samples For Download

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Regarding my last post Fuji X100s - Wide Angle And Tele Converters - Raw File Samples For Download. The X-T1 23mm f/1.4 combination is somewhat different. The 23mm prime interchangeable lens suffers from far less distortion (virtually none) than the fixed 23mm lens on the X100s. The AF is snappier, the viewfinder (OLED) and screen are amongst the best out there and the whole combination has a much more 'businesslike' feel to it. What it doesn't have of course is that wonderful rangefinder, retro, 'lookalaica' design and handling. For virtually all photographic uses though, the X-T1 / 23mm is a better option. So are those of us who like using the X100s, doing so because of the look and feel of the camera only? Well I can't speak for nayone else but in my case, yes that may well be true. And no it doesn't particularly matter, because if a camera inspires me to take pictures, despite it's flaws, then that's no bad thing and the X100s certainly does that.

However this post is about the X-T1 and the 23mm lens. And in answer to the question at the top of the page, I do indeed believe that this is the best Fuji X currently has to offer.

All my testing and comparison between lenses indicates that the 23mm f/1.4 is the sharpest Fuji X lens so far. It also has rather nice bokeh and does have that fast f/1.4 aperture. Even with the limitations of the Adobe Camera Raw the files still looks incredibly sharp, but to see just what it's capable of, if I have the time, I'll process the files in Photo Ninja or Iridient developer to get the best out of it.

As you can see from the comparison above the ACR version isn't bad, but I've had to add some sharpening which has increased the noise. The IR version is much crisper and shows what the Fuji X system is capable of. And to be honest, if I didn't have these alternative raw processing methods I'd have stopped using Fuji gear ages ago.

The X-T1 is a much more capable camera in many ways. The EVF and screen have been singled out in many reviews for well deserved praise and while both are superior on my Leica T and my Sony A7s isn't far behind, the X-T1 is well served in this regard. Plus it isn't that far away from firmware update day. Hopefully, this is a Christmas present to us Fuji fanboys that will benefit our picture creation. Personally I'm looking forward to the electronic shutter an while the current shutter isn't particularly loud, a silent shutter would add another dimension to the X-T1. It is one of things I like about the X100s, that leaf shutter is virtually silent and very quick. And I'm certainly impressed by the ES in the A7s. 

Combined with the 23mm f/1.4 and the 56mm f/1.2, this is going to open up all sorts of possibilities for those combinations. For those wedding photographers who have gone the Fuji route this is going to be a very welcome addition and will allow them to work silently, which having had my share of run-ins with vicars and registrars I can assure you is a very welcome bonus. 

So a very nice combination and one Fuji will struggle to better. As we all wait (and wait!) for news of what an X-Pro 2 might bring, the X-T1 plus one of the excellent Fuji primes, is a high quality combination. Now if only they could do something about the battery life!!



A new way to support this site. My Version of Crowd Funding.

Up to now I've been including a Support this Site section. But it occurred to me that why not make that support specific to the gear I buy and review? At the top of the page is a poll on seven new items of photographic equipment just available or about to become so, that I would be interested in reviewing. And below are seven donate buttons for each item. 

SAMSUNG NX1 + 16-50mm f/2.8 LENS
FUJI 50-140mm f/2.8
PANASONIC 35-100mm f4-5.6
SONY FE 28mm f/2

This is a form of crowd funding, but what I'm attempting to achieve is not the whole amount to buy the item. I'm looking to fund the price of the item minus my tax allowance minus the amount I get for resale. For example, if I buy a camera for £1000. I might reasonably expect to sell it on after a few months for say £700. The loss of £300 can be set against my tax bill, so in effect my loss is £240. So once I achieve that £240, I can go ahead and get the lens knowing that I'm not going to loose money on it. And that's all I'm looking to do, not make a profit. If contributions exceed the amount I loose on a specific item, I will transfer those funds to something else, so I can buy that. Please note - the amount you choose to donate can be anything from $1 upwards.

This has the benefit in that it is reader driven. I'm also open to any suggestions that you might make for gear you would like added to the list. You can let me know this via the comments section or the various social media sites that publicise this blog.

So changes to how I operate the blog and what I write about. The major changes are lots more raw file samples to download and more user defined content. So instead of just reading about what I fancy using and buying, Soundimageplus readers get to help decide what gets reviewed her and gain access to large quantities of raw file samples, so that you can see for yourselves whether or not the image quality is what you are looking for. You also get reviews from someone who has no brand allegiance or any connection with any camera or lens manufacturer. As always reviews will be honest and independent and with no fanboy bias. (Apart from the fact that I seem to be a fanboy for an awful lot of different brands!!)


  • Lots of raw file samples for download
  • Archive of review posts over a period of time
  • Real World testing in real time
  • The 'tests' are actually conducted while I'm carrying out my professional work
  • You get to decide what gets reviewed
  • Crowd sourcing / funding of gear
  • More user interaction and participation


As a full-time photographer I make my living from selling images on Stock Photography sites. Writing this blog and doing the comparison tests takes time away from that and earns me very little. If you find what you read here of interest, then you can help me to fund the gear I buy to review, by clicking on the adsense banners, donating and / or buying your gear from the affiliate links. You don't pay any extra, I get a small commission. 

Previously I was posting on the free, Blogger platform, but this site, with it's greatly increased functionality, costs me money and the more it expands, the more it will cost.  If I can get THE SOUNDIMAGEPLUS BLOG economically viable, then I will be able to review a lot more gear and extend and expand those reviews. Running a blog these days that competes with the best out there requires a lot of time and effort and is close to a full-time job. This means that I'm neglecting other work to put that time in. It is my intention to turn this into a much more comprehensive review and user experience site and I can only do that if I can get it to generate more income. 

This site, like much of the internet, has free content and like much of the internet is funded by advertising and donations. I realise that not everybody likes advertising, but without it many of our favourite sites would have to resort to charging for what they do. Google, Facebook and all the other social networks sites remain free because of that advertising. 

There is an interesting article on the BBC website HERE, which deals with many of the issues above.

Many Thanks

David Taylor-Hughes