Nikon Df + Sigma 50mm f/1.4 ART Lens + Raw file Samples for download + Multi-image panoramic stitches.

Only a few days after declaring that my Sigma DP2 Quattro created multi-image panoramic stitches that were the best quality I'd ever seen, that has been surpassed. By the combination above. The pictures that resulted from combining a series of images taken with the Nikon / Sigma combination are genuinely jaw-dropping. I ended up with some files that were 200MB in size and were incredibly sharp, detailed and with fantastic dynamic range. Because the Df is not only great at high ISO settings, the benefits of those large pixels on a large sensor make low ISO setting images look great too. And the Df has an ISO 50 setting with which I created the images at the top of the page and the combination of that sensor and one of the best lenses ever made is astonishing in terms of quality and the look it generates. Forget the rest, this is the best!!!

And below you can see if you agree with that assessment.

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Nikon Df + Sigma 50mm f/1.4 ART Lens + Raw file Samples for download

To access and download these files - CLICK HERE

N.B. I've also included the OOC jpg. files as well so you see the difference.


The Soundimageplus Blog is changing. In a coming post I will be outlining those changes. But this post is the first showing one of these major differences. From now on, due to my now having unlimited cloud storage, I will making lots of raw files available for download. These will be out of camera raw files in the format that they are taken with. In the case of the Nikon Df + Sigma 50mm f/1.4 ART files above these are .NEF files which will open in Photoshop or Lightroom, plus other software packages. 

I have always believed that raw files give the best way of appraising a camera or lens and they provide potential buyers with real world shots on which to base an assessment. The above were shot at various ISO settings as part of one of my stock shooting excursions. All files have already been edited and uploaded to various stock library sites, so please be aware of copyright. These files are for individual private appraisal only.

There are other sites that provide consistent and similar test shot raw files and the same locations used for different cameras. But that is not my intention. The raw files provided for download will be shot as part of my work and the conditions under which they are shot will obviously differ. It is my intention to provide something different to other review sites and this linking to folders of raw files is set to become an addition to the majority of future posts. 

For this post I'm making no comments about the images I'm providing. I'll leave the opinions up to you. You may think they look great, you may think they are disappointing, but that is for you to decide. 

PLEASE NOTE - Important new announcement and changes to the blog coming soon!!


As a full-time photographer I make my living from selling images on Stock Photography sites. Writing this blog and doing the comparison tests takes time away from that and earns me very little. If you find what you read here of interest, then you can help me to fund the gear I buy to review, by clicking on the adsense banners, donating and / or buying your gear from the affiliate links. You don't pay any extra, I get a small commission. 

Previously I was posting on the free, Blogger platform, but this site, with it's greatly increased functionality, costs me money and the more it expands, the more it will cost.  If I can get THE SOUNDIMAGEPLUS BLOG economically viable, then I will be able to review a lot more gear and extend and expand those reviews. Running a blog these days that competes with the best out there requires a lot of time and effort and is close to a full-time job. This means that I'm neglecting other work to put that time in. It is my intention to turn this into a much more comprehensive review and user experience site and I can only do that if I can get it to generate more income. 

This site, like much of the internet, has free content and like much of the internet is funded by advertising and donations. I realise that not everybody likes advertising, but without it many of our favourite sites would have to resort to charging for what they do. Google, Facebook and all the other social networks sites remain free because of that advertising. 

There is an interesting article on the BBC website HERE, which deals with many of the issues above.

Many Thanks

David Taylor-Hughes