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Stock photography is world wide and 24/7/365. Yesterday was Christmas day here in the UK (though of course in many parts of the world everything doesn't come a stop because of it), but I sold quite a few pictures, a couple of libraries approved my images and posted them online, I uploaded a lot of images myself, which I always do over the Christmas holiday period since it's a quiet time for this and on my way to a family get together I stopped at a village I passed through, to shoot some pictures in very nice winter light. Since the car was full of presents, drinks and food, including my wife Ann's amazingly good Christmas Pudding, I 'travelled light' and took my Sigma DP2 Quattro.

This camera looks different, handles differently and creates image files that are not your usual Bayer CMOS sensor fare. You can see the trademark Sigma Foveon colour balance, which with it's warm tones, I find very attractive. I'm still shooting the double size jpgs. created in camera, due to the slowness of the Sigma software for the raw files. When (If) Iridient Developer get round to supporting the Quattro I may shoot raw files again, but the jpgs. are fine for my libraries and even more fine for my workflow. 

The fixed lens simplicity is very appealing, as is the slightly wider than standard, 30mm lens. As indicated in a previous post - I'm having a break from mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras for a while and working with my other options and this was an enjoyable excursion. Brief, because it was very cold, but simple and enjoyable. Oh and the image files are breathtaking.