Getting off the mirrorless merry-go-round for a while

Nikon Df - 28-200mm Zoom Lens

Nokia Lumia 1020

Multi image 'panoramic; stitches created with a samsung Galaxy 2 camera and Photomerge in Photoshop.

Sigma DP2 Quattro

A completely unexpected and kind gesture + three small yet inspirational words from a valued Soundimageplus Blog regular reader has lifted the mood of 'if you can't beat them..........then what?' which came about after someone posted a comment that took inappropriate to new levels. Plus the subsequent support or excusing for / of that inappropriateness that I have declined to publish, has led me to a couple of decisions. Firstly you will be unsurprised to learn that I am turning off comments on the blog and will revert to my old system whereby (civilised) discussions on posts will take place in the Soundimageplus Blog Readers Group on Google+. And it shouldn't need repeating but I'll do it anyway. I have ZERO TOERANCE for any comment that has even a hint of being offensive in it. This blog or the Google+ groups I run are not forums and I alone am the sole arbiter of what comments get published. My blog / group, my rules. There are plenty of places out there for people to post whatever they feel like. This is not one of them.

Secondly, as indicated in the title, I'm going to take a rest from the brand bickering of mirrorless interchangeable and use my DSLR (Nikon Df) Phone and Smart Cameras (Nokia Lumia 1020 and Samsung 2 Galaxy camera) plus my Sigma DP2 Quattro for a while, while I come to some decisions as to what I want to keep and where I want to go with that in the coming year. 

It used to be the case that for whatever reason, many Nikon and Canon users had a Celtic v Rangers mentality about brand ownership, but now the various mirrorless factions are often no better. And yes I know that everybody isn't like that and I'm also aware that I will never be able to turn back the tide of nastiness that prevails in many parts of the photographic internet, or even make the slightest dent in it, but I don't have to read it or encourage it. 

Apart from anything else, I still like using different types of cameras and I've never subscribed to any point of view that pits one format against another. Like many professional photographers, I use a variety of different formats and sensor sizes. In film days photographers would often use 10x8 View cameras to 35mm and for me my choice is 'full-frame' to a camera phone.

I've spent a lot of time recently using and writing about my Sony FE, Fuji X and Olympus m4/3 options and I'm going to have a rest for a few days from using them. Kind of like a mirrorless / CSC / E.V.I.L detox. Should be interesting.