PhotoMadd shop screen protectors for Fuji Cameras

Click on image above to access the PhotMadd shop.

Matthew Maddock at the PhotoMadd shop sent me some of the new screen protectors he has in stock, custom made for various Fuji cameras. Due to the Christmas post I was unable to complete this review in time for the holidays and therefore suggest them as 'stocking fillers' for the photographer in your life. (Probably you!!) I've shown some pictures of the one for my Fuji X-T1 which he asked me to have a look at.

I don't know about you, but this is something I always want to add to my cameras but never get round to it. It's VERY easy to damage rear live view screens and most modern clothing has some piece of metal which can scratch the screen. And not all screens have the Leica Sapphire coating. It's been the case more than once that I've had to reduce my ebay price for a camera due to slight marks on the screen.

After applying one of these and using it for a few days I suspect that will change. These plastic protectors are cheap, easy to apply and seem very well made. There is no issue with the clarity of the screen, which seems unaffected. I've even tried the spare one on a touchscreen camera and there were no problems at all with that. 

If you are a Fuji owner then I can thoroughly recommend them and as you will see if you click through to the shop via the picture link at the top of the page, you will see the range and the Fuji cameras that are catered for.

I should point out that I'm getting no financial advantage from this, apart from the fact that I have two screen protectors for nothing. As before when I have mentioned Matthews shop I'm happy to do this. Firstly he's a fellow blogger and Secondly a UK based business who has set up this treasure trove of accessories for Fuji owners, including the wonderful L-Plate grips I've used on all my Fuji cameras. 

And with these screen protectors he has provided a cheap way of protecting part of your Fuji investment, without compromising quality. So your camera's live view screen can remain pristine as you wait for the next firmware update.