SONY - Seemingly the most popular brand for Soundimageplus readers.

The post in the screen grab above has broken all records in terms of an article I've written on this blog. Of all the groups I've started on Google+ the A7 / A7r / A7s Photographers group is easily the most subscribed to with an amazing 1241 members and people posting so much I have a hard time keeping up viewing it all. My email buzzes all day with news that yet more people have posted. The poll I put on the blog to see what people wanted me to review next is being dominated by the Sony A7 Mk II and the 28mm FE f/2 lens, which is actually only a distant reality, currently in second place. These two items taking up 63% of the total votes cast. When I get a link from SonyAlphaRumors my stats graph for page views and visits surges upwards quite dramatically. Is there a message here?

A couple of years ago, I registered the blogger name and email address - SONYIMAGEPLUS, thinking that since I was using the brand so much, I may as well cover the eventuality of me becoming a Sony user exclusively. As it is the A7r is my longest serving camera and the latest pictures I've taken were using that. 

From virtually nothing Sony have built up a range of cameras and lenses that has taken them from nowhere to 3rd. place (In some countries second) in the camera manufacturers hierarchy and they are obviously targeting both Canon and Nikon in all markets from point and shooters to professionals to improve that. And in my experience it seems they are carrying a lot of people with them. Obviously, it would be foolish of me to interpolate the results I'm seeing into something that they are not, but Sony do seem to punch a lot of buttons for a lot of photographers, including me. 

Despite the fact that I've yet to like the aesthetics of any Sony camera I've ever used (I do love those black metallic lenses though) I do seem to use them an awful lot. And so do lots of other people. I put this down to the fact that they are ambitious, experimental and prepared to have a go at anything. They certainly don't get it right all the time and they get their fair share of criticism. But they do keep fixing things, coming up with something that innovates and improves what they offer and it seems an awful lot of us like that. 

And lets be honest, compared to the ultra conservative, ultra cautious approach of some camera manufacturers (you know who you are!!) they are positively avant-garde in terms of what they come up with. Apparently there is a monster sensor (45-50MP's) on the cards and who amongst us is prepared to bet against that? Certainly not me.

So will I (should I?) concentrate on buying using and reviewing Sony gear? Well, the answer to that is probably no, since I do love the oddball stuff like Sigma, Fuji and Leica. (Though none of them would probably appreciate being called that!) And I also get a lot of milage out of my Nikon gear. But it does seem to be the Sony announcements of what they are planning next that seem to get the photographic internet all hot and bothered. If there is a 'cutting edge' in the world of camera design and marketing then Sony are probably at the forefront of that.

The NEX-7, The RX-10, The A7r and the A7s are just four examples of what they have come up with and I bet they are stamping their feet at Panasonic stealing a march on them with that high-end (but ridiculously priced) 1" smartphone and are planning something spectacular in that market.

I should of course state that I have no connection whatsoever with Sony and this post will gain me no financial advantage. Other than, of course, that being about Sony, more people may read it than if I was writing about other brands. And maybe that is indeed the message. The question being, do I respond to that message? And only time will reveal the answer to that.