Well maybe not so wild!!

All of the above images were captured using the 4K photo mode on my Panasonic FZ100 and they show just what a useful tool it is. Since by shooting video and taking frame grabs, in essence I was using a totally silent 25fps motordrive. The ability to see what's happening all the time, without any screen black out meant that I could check out just where the right composition was and whether or not I'd 'got the shot'

So what looks like perfect timing is in fact nothing of the sort. Just the ability to record the movement of the animals over time and pick the right moment to 'freeze' the action.

The deer were constantly moving, the swan had it's head buried in the reeds and only occasionally raised it's head up, squirrels get spooked at the slightest movement those big eyes see and birds don't really do formation flying for people with cameras trained on them. But shooting sequences on 4K video allowed me to capture these moments.

This in addition to it's other attributes makes the FZ1000 the best outdoor camera I've ever used in terms of it's ability to let me create the kind of images I want. This is just the icing on the cake of one of the most complete cameras you can currently buy. OLED viewfinder, electronic shutter, lightning fast and pin point AF, 4K video, fully articulating view screen, fantastic zoom lens - the FZ1000 pretty much has it all. In low light the 1" sensor struggles, but outdoors in daylight it's surely one of the best cameras available for those who want to explore the world and record it with still and moving photography. 

As an 'all-in-one' solution I can't see that there is anything to beat it. The thought of carrying around the prime lenses that let me capture what I do with this camera is unthinkable. It's not the smallest or the lightest but considering what I get from it, I think it's an incredible machine. And with this 4K function for stills I think Panasonic have come up with a masterstroke. Because this is early days. Just imagine what we can all do when we get 8K video in a couple of years time. Serious high quality still image files from video. 

For me this is the most important development in photography since digital capture. This high quality stills from video function will impact on all kinds of photography and make the difficulties of capturing the 'decisive moment' a thing of the past. For me I'm just scratching the surface of what I can do with this technology. I've only used it a few times and yesterday was the first time that I could decide what framing ratio I wanted to use. But the potential is obvious. With the 8MP / 22MB files the Panasonic produces, stills from video has finally moved into a useable quality printing range, but not yet good enough for really high-end reproduction, but 8K and higher frame rates will give us that and it's not that far away. 

This is genuinely innovative tech. and much more useful than lots of other camera 'gimmicks'. It expands our options and allows us to capture difficult subjects with ease. Our two dimensional rectangles will now be capable of recording those magic moments for posterity. And I really do believe that the FZ1000 is a breakthrough camera, because 1" sensors and the lens designs they make possible will get better, both in terms of low ISO quality and high ISO results that are less noisy than they are now.

I and others have stated often that 1'' sensor is going to lead to some incredible cameras. The results from cameras that use them are already impressive but they are going to improve. Panasonic won't be the only company to put one into a smartphone and I suspect that cameras like the FZ1000 and the Sony RX100 series are just the first examples of 1" sensor cameras that will eventually blow us away in terms of what they offer. Small, light cameras and lenses with currently unbelievable specs. that will let us 'picture the world' with ease. 

And for me the simple images I've shown above are just the starting point for what will be possible in the near future. Prepare to be amazed!!


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There is an interesting article on the BBC website HERE, which deals with many of the issues above.

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