FUJI XT1 firmware update - PhotoMadd L-Plate grip for Fuji X-T1

Fuji Rumors has published the above list of what's coming in the Fuji X-t1 firmware update in December. I particularly like the (presumably silent) electronic shutter and hopefully the added video options will include a higher bitrate. Should / Could ??? be good.


Firstly a plug for the whole PhotoMadd Fuji accessories website. A real cave of delights for Fuji fans. There's lots of goodies here for Fuji users, grips, thumb rests, shutter buttons as well as more general stuff. Started by blogger Matthew Maddock it's turned into a thriving business. And no I don't have any financial arrangement with Matthew. I should however point out for full disclosure that with my last order he did send me a block of Kendal Mint Cake!! (Google it!)

I've always liked the L-Plate grips he has made specially. I have one for my Fuji X100s and I had one for my departed X-Pro 1, X-E1 and X-E2 cameras. They really do add better handling to the cameras and you can leave them on because there are gaps for the battery and card compartments. (Unlike Fuji's own leather case which somewhat inconveniently lets you open the battery slot with the case on but blocks off the card slot!!!)

As you can see the grip is beautifully made and looks good on the camera as well. 

A really excellent grip and it improves the handling significantly for me. There are lots of times I don't want to attach the battery grip and this is a great alternative. I leave it on the camera most of time. 

On a practical note PhotoMadd can deliver worldwide and it is a genuine UK company and not one of those ebay 'fronts' claiming to be in the UK when in fact they are not. Nice to see a bit of entrepreneurial spirit from a UK source. Stuff like this is freely available in the far east, but here in the UK there are very few places that will import these interesting accessories. In addition to PhotoMadd I would add LoveCases.co.uk who I did used to review stuff for, but not any more. They do all sorts of cases (including Gariz) and they are a local company to me, so definitely worth a plug.

Both companies avoid the need for the perils (and expense) of importing stuff via ebay. The last two times I tried to do that, one item got lost in transit and the other took weeks to arrive and cost me a fortune in import duties. So both these companies are very welcome additions for us UK photographers. And as someone who is technically an exporter (I get paid in in dollars from mostly US companies) this post is my modest attempt to help the UK economy!!!! 


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There is an interesting article on the BBC website HERE, which deals with many of the issues above.

Many Thanks

David Taylor-Hughes