Convenience versus Quality - Autumn with a Samsung Galaxy 2 Camera

Now I'm not going to pretend that my Samsung Galaxy 2 Camera has the best image quality. In fact it's not that great when viewed at 100% on my monitor. There's not a lot I can do about it either since it shoots jpgs. only. It is however one of the most useful cameras I have with it's fantastic zoom range, very small footprint and it really is a carry anywhere camera. 

The point is that I'm never going to be carrying around a camera and lenses that give me that 23-483mm (35mm 'equivalent') range, so the pictures above that i took with it wouldn't exist anyway if I didn't have it. 

My picture libraries accept the images it creates, I sell pictures shot with it and images print better than they look on a screen anyway. So that old dilemma of convenience versus quality is partly taken care of. And the fact that I really like using it makes a huge difference.

It has a large view screen, though somewhat less sharp and bright than my Nokia 1020 and has decent image stabilisation, so that long telephoto end is very useable. It's one of those cameras that prove that the pictures are more important than the gear and the very fact that the sensor is so small makes the size and zoom range range possible, so it's a common trade off. Now I'm not prepared to do that trade all the time, but for situations when I'm walking a fair distance it comes in very useful. It's also a great camera for cycling.

One day in the future we might get cameras this size that produce images that rival those of much bigger sensors, but that's still some way off. In the meantime a camera that cost me £250 is one that gives me pleasure to use and produces pictures I find aesthetically pleasing. And ultimately that's a pretty good reason to own and use it. 


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There is an interesting article on the BBC website HERE, which deals with many of the issues above.

Many Thanks

David Taylor-Hughes