STOCK SHOOTING - Sony 10-18mm e-mount APS-C lens on 'full-frame' Sony FE A7r



In yesterdays post I did a comparison between the Sony 10-18mm and Fuji 10-24mm lenses on APS-C cameras, the X-T1 and a6000. I also mentioned that the Sony 10-18mm works on my Sony A7r between 13 - 15mm with minimal vignetting. This vignetting being easily fixable when the raw files are run through ACR Photoshop CS6.

Sony 10-18mm e-mount APS-C lens on 'full-frame' Sony FE A7r

This then makes for some interesting possibilities for shooting dramatic stock pictures with a VERY wide angle and relatively limited depth of field. Below are some images I created yesterday.

Sony have just announced a Zeiss 16-35mm f/4 lens. Because of Sony's somewhat variable quality with their FE lenses this may or may not be a good lens. A review by a Sony hack (sorry 'a member of Sony’s Artisans of Imagery') seems to indicate it would be good, but as I indicated this is someone who might not be that objective. Anyway here is the link - However I would remind people that this kind of review turned up before the release of the Sony / Zeiss 24-70mm f/4 with it's soft edges and distortion.

Despite all that I much prefer my 10-18mm anyway. I know what I'm getting, i.e. it will vignette and it does have soft corners, but it's such a dramatic angle of view and I can use it's faults to create interesting images. Therefore the fact that it's an 'inappropriate' lens for the A7r doesn't matter much to me. It does end up as a 13-15mm zoom unless I want to add some vignetting.

Finally on Sony FE cameras, I'm getting an A7s tomorrow (With my recent experiences with couriers that's more of a hope than a certainty!!) I'm getting it because I am going to get rid of a lo of gear I'm not currently using much, I want to invest more in my Sony FE 'full-frame' system, I'm shooting more and more images in low light and I bought this new camera at more than 33% off.

I mentioned a UK ebay dealer before who does 'grey imports' of gear from the far east. So this is going to be a non-UK camera. However the company offer a 14-day no quibble return and a 1-yr. guarantee.  Plus these days under EU legislation, guarantees have to be honoured anyway. (Assuming we remain members of the EU that is!!) The price difference is substantial. The UK list price from dealers like WEX and Park Cameras is £2099. I've bought mine for £1488. A whopping £611 saving! The camera also has the further advantage that it won't have the EU imposed time limit for shooting video pre-installed. (For those on ebay UK who might be interested in this I've put a link to the ebay seller at the bottom of the sidebar on the right)


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There is an interesting article on the BBC website HERE, which deals with many of the issues above.

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