Review of the Panasonic 15mm F1.7 Leica Summilux DG ASPH Micro Four Thirds Lens - Part 1


Lens Construction 9 elements in 7 groups (3 aspherical lenses)

Nano Surface Coating

Micro Four Thirds mount

15mm (35mm camera equivalent 30mm)

Type7 diaphragm blades / Circular aperture diaphragm

Maximum Aperture f/1.7

Minimum Aperture f/16

Closest Focusing Distance0.2m / 0.66ft

Maximum magnification Approx. 0.1x / 0.2x (35mm camera equivalent)

Lens Construction 9 elements in 7 groups (3 aspherical lenses)

Max. Diameterφ 57.5mm / 2.26 in

Overall Length Approx. 36mm / 1.42 in (from the tip of the lens to the base side of the lens mount)

Weight Approx. 115g / 4.06oz (excluding lens cap, lens rear cap and lens hood)

Standard Accessories Lens cap, Lens hood, Lens rear cap, Lens storage bag, Bayonet cover 

Video of the Panasonic 15mm F1.7 Leica Summilux with hood fitting and on Olympus OM-D E-M10

Below is a video shot with the Panasonic 15mm F1.7 Leica Summilux on my Olympus OM-D E-M10. Most of this was shot at f/1.7. As you can see, it's really rather good. particularly impressive also is the body image stabilisation on the E-M10. All of the footage was hand held in a gale. 

Above - Olympus OM-D E-M10 fitted with Panasonic 15mm F1.7 Leica Summilux and Carry Speed Video Loupe.

LINK TO Panasonic 15mm F1.7 Leica Summilux First impressions with images samples.

Part Two of this review plus conclusion soon.


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