A selection of recent images shot for stock and awaiting final editing and upload. 

Cameras used:-

Nikon Df, Nokia Lumia 1020, Olympus OM-10, Fuji X-T1, Sony A7r, Sony a6000, Leica T, Panasonic FZ1000

So which shot which? Well I actually don't know since I've removed the exif data and I can't remember which I used for what since I've just finished a spell of several days continuous shooting. 

As you can see there is a seasonal element to many of the images and I do work on a yearly cycle, visiting a large number of locations within driving distance of my home. As ever I'm going for strong, simple and graphic compositions with strong saturated colour. 

Stock photographers need to constantly upgrade and look for new compositions from familiar territory. Variety is also a good idea since that spreads the possibility of sales to a wider clientele. As you can see not all images are shot in sunlight and I go out shooting these days whenever it's dry, including a day of strong winds.

We are supposed to getting the remnants of a hurricane later today and assuming my house is still standing I'll probably be out after that has passed. And I do still want to be outside shooting on every possible opportunity.

I enjoy writing this blog, but I'd much rather be outside creating images than sitting inside writing, testing and editing. I've described it as the best job in the world and I still feel that way. I feel lucky to be able to earn a living this way, though it's got little to with luck and it's mostly repetative editing, captioning, keywording and uploading. But it's worth every minute of that to go out with a camera(s) and lens(es) attempting to bring back a taste of the world I encounter.

At various times in my life I've wanted to be a train driver, a rock star and a novelist but I can't really think of anything better than waking up in the morning, looking out the window and thinking "This is a good day to go out and take some pictures.'


As a full-time photographer I make my living from selling images on Stock Photography sites. Writing this blog and doing the comparison tests takes time away from that and earns me very little. If you find what you read here of interest, then you can help me to fund the gear I buy to review, by clicking on the adsense banners, donating and / or buying your gear from the affiliate links. You don't pay any extra, I get a small commission. 

Previously I was posting on the free, Blogger platform, but this site, with it's greatly increased functionality, costs me money and the more it expands, the more it will cost.  If I can get THE SOUNDIMAGEPLUS BLOG economically viable, then I will be able to review a lot more gear and extend and expand those reviews. Running a blog these days that competes with the best out there requires a lot of time and effort and is close to a full-time job. This means that I'm neglecting other work to put that time in. It is my intention to turn this into a much more comprehensive review and user experience site and I can only do that if I can get it to generate more income. 

This site, like much of the internet, has free content and like much of the internet is funded by advertising and donations. I realise that not everybody likes advertising, but without it many of our favourite sites would have to resort to charging for what they do. Google, Facebook and all the other social networks sites remain free because of that advertising. I try to make the ads as unobtrusive as possible and I certainly won't be installing any of those annoying 'flickering' or video boxes. Below are some links to Amazon products relevant to each post and I will continue to put them at the end of the articles. 

There is an interesting article on the BBC website HERE, which deals with many of the issues above.

Many Thanks

David Taylor-Hughes