Soundimageplus meets Mirrorlessons

This is a coffee house and restaurant in a North Wales town where I had the pleasure of having lunch with Heather Broster and Mathieu Gasquet of Mirrorlessons. The Best Mirrorless Camera Reviews.

A combination of circumstances meant that Ann and I were staying within a few miles of Heather and Mathieu and an exchange of emails lead to an arrangment to meet for a chat over lunch. 

It is rare for people who spend time living out their internet existences to meet face to face and for me this was a first. I've always liked their site and admire what they have set up and how they write about their experiences. Certainly I take what they write a lot more seriously than some other bloggers and reviewers I could mention. There is also the European dimension which is rare as is the fact that Heather administers the website, which again is very rare and none of us could think of another example of a woman running a review site / blog. So I've always had a lot of time for Mirrorlessons and link to it often.

I'm pleased to say the reality of meeting up confirmed my impressions that these are nice people, committed to photography, with an intelligent and well thought out approach to how to maintain a literate and coherent presence on the photographic internet. We compared experiences and methods of working and I think I got the better deal with some advivce on how to make this blog more 'productive' which I will be following up on soon. 

It was a very pleasant couple of hours made even more pleasurable by the fact that they paid for lunch and even recommended a place that we should visit that turned out to be spectacular. 

It is encouraging to realise that there are people out there in cyberspace who can write about photography, photographic equipment and photographic practice without resorting to abrasive and confrontational language and cliched lowest denominator attitudes. If you haven't experienced their excellent website yet then let me take this opportunity of recommending it yet again.

Nice site. Nice people. Enjoy.

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