Soundimageplus Blog is moving - The future - Big changes.

I'm going to be moving the Soundimageplus Blog over to my website - This is for various reasons, not least that the pictures I post look a lot better and are bigger. There are also various commercial reasons for doing so and there are some big changes afoot which I'll go into in future posts. For the time being while the changeover takes effect there will probably be some duplication going on. 

I've also opened up a post comments section on the new blog as an experiment. If I get the same abuse that I got before I'll close it down pretty quickly, but for the time being I'll give it a try. Please bear with me while I manage this changeover as I'm no expert at this and that's why I've been on blogger for so long. But the situation currently is that this blog now has to 'earn it's keep'. 

You will see on the website there are details about upcoming courses and now my busy summer is almost over I will be able to concentrate on getting that going. There are also stock photography videos and e-books coming, which will be announced as and when I complete them. My domain name website is much more suitable for all of this and geared up for commercial use.

All this has come about because of my lunch meeting with Heather and Mathieu at Mirrorlessons. I realised just how focused and professional they are about their site and how diosorganised and chaotic this blog is. I do, as you will be aware, work on a whim and a prayer and basically just let the Limbic system in my brain do it's thing whereas it's probably a good idea to let my Neocortex make more decisions!!!

Heather and Mathieu have very kindly offered to help with some of the commercial aspects of running a blog / review site and I'll be looking into that once I get this change set up properly. (No guarantees that that will be quick!) 

The plan is to actually use all this gear sitting on my shelf and put it some use. It's obvious that people are interested in gear and how it compares so I'll be doing that. Since I have a lot of it, that won't be difficult. I should say that in the next couple of days I have a S/H Nikon Df and Sigma 50mm f/1.4 ART lens coming, so I'll be using everything from micro sensor smart phones through mirrorless / CSC / E.V.I.L to DSLRs and covering pretty much the whole gamut of sensor performance this side of medium-format. 

I've been thinking this over seriously for the last few days and feel that I do have something different to offer to the photographic internet. I always like reading the experiences and opinions of photographers who actually take photographs for a living and there are some fine examples of people who combine that with blogging and reviewing. However, I haven't seen anyone else doing that who makes a full-time living from shooting stock photography. There may well be some, but I'm certainly not aware of them. Now I have no intention of becoming a full-time blogger and reviewer and that is certainly not a financially viable option, so I will be combining my ongoing stock photography work with making the blog a little more 'serious'. 

Now those of you who like my approach shouldn't get worried. I have no intention of turning into Steve Huff or Dpreview. My approach will be the same as it's always been. Gear is secondary to and the means of producing images only. However, I would be dishonest if I said that owning significant amounts of it doesn't give me pleasure, it does. Part of the reason for doing this is that I find it very difficult to part with anything and that being the case it's all got to justify it's place on the shelf by becoming more 'productive' in terms of making me money. 

This blog will remain in place as the 'Soundimageplus' archive and the new blog has started from today and won't have any previous posts. I thought it best to start afresh. So if you've bookmarked anything here, don't worry it's not going anywhere.

So, big changes indeed and I'm sure I'll find all kinds of snags so please bear with me. I have to sort out things like RSS feeds and email notifications etc. but the simplest way to pick up new posts is to follow me via facebook, twitter, tumblt or google+, since every new post is flagged up on all of those sites. Hopefully you'll like the new look and new home for the blog. I'm personally much happier that everything I do will be in one place. There is even going to be a section showcasing new music that I'm composing for iStockaudio, so finally the sound in soundimageplus will make sense. Hopefull very soon the plus will make sense too.

So, here's hoping that you'll stick with me and see what photographic adventures I embark upon in the future. If you don't then please accept my thanks for your attention up to now. 

Interesting times ahead.

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