Sony RX10 - the other superzoom camera

Though somewhat overshadowed these days by the 4K, huge zoom panasonic FZ1000, the Sony RX10 is still a fine camera. It's faster at the long end however (f/2.8 - The RZ100 is f/4 at the same focal length) it's slightly lighter and smaller and as I found out when the battery died somewhat earlier than I expected in my Panasonic, you get more pictures per charge. The rumour is the firmware is being updated to improve the video. No 4K, but it's a serious video camera as well. 

This is my kind of camera. Quick and easy to use and simple to set up a 'no fiddle' way of working. This trip I have no interchangeable lens cameras with me (The Leica T does have this facility, but I only have one lens) and that means I can work as I want to. I.E. No fuss and just get on with making images. 

I do like the RX10 and just because I have the FZ1000 as well, I see no reason to get rid of it. It has it's strengths and I can see lots of occasions where that extra stop of telephoto speed will come in really useful. Excellent camera and indeed an excellent class of cameras. 

And no I'm not using the B word because that's an insult. Like the FZ1000 it deserves to be regarded as something special in it's own right. Because anyone who thinks that these are compromise, middle of the road, halfway house or neither one thing or the other cameras would be sorely mistaken. They beat the pants off many of the cameras they are supposed to be between in terms of functionality and quality and many DSLR's and Mirrorless cameras would struggle to match the capability of these superzooms. Oh and by the way, that f/2.8 lens is magnificent.

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