Small sensor magic with Panasonic FZ1000, Nokia 1020 and Samsung Galaxy 2 cameras

Images above shot with - Panasonic FZ1000, Nokia 1020 and Samsung Galaxy 2 cameras

There is a nice article by Mathieu at Mirrorlessons about Mirrorless for Pro's. Much I would agree with and nice to see a perspective from someone, who like me, pursues a professional career without the need of a DSLR. 

As regular readers are aware however I've gone somewhat further and am now using mobile phone size and 1'' sensor cameras. Though yesterday I did use the Leica T, for the bulk of my North Wales trip I have been using these small(er) sensor cameras and particularly using the long telephoto options these cameras provide and am reaping the benefits. 

Now I'm not going to tell you that these cameras produce better results than m4/3 and APS-C sensors, they don't, though the Nokia 1020's 41MP are pretty close, but I obviously wouldn't be compromising my earning potential by using gear that produces files that would be rejected by stock image libraries or indeed not suitable for buyers and their reproduction needs. And of course they are perfectly acceptable for print reproduction up to A3. 

As you can see I'm getting some great pictures, without breaking my back. Small sensors rule OK!!

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