The Sony QX1

Did I miss something here? I was wondering who would want to stick this contraption to their mobile phone, use the awful Sony PlayMemories app. to control it, stick an e-mount lens on it, which of course overbalances the whole thing and then fiddle about on a smartphone touchscreen to (try and) make it do what it's supposed to. 

I'm as keen on new tech. as the next photographer, but isn't this going to be a complete pain to use? And doesn't it combine the most problematic aspects of cameras with the most problematic aspects of smart phones? Just exactly how is this a viable, workable alternative to an a6000 or a Sony smart phone? It may be a technological marvel but it strikes me as the worst of both worlds and something that is a recipe for hours of endless cursing while trying to get it to work.

I'm using phones to shoot pictures with and their great advantage is simplicity, ease of use and the ability to 'capture the moment' spontaneously and with little 'fiddling about'. This thing strikes me as being about as spontaneous as a drag queens makeup. 

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