Working at the extremes - Sony A7r + 10-18mm and Samsung Galaxy 2 Camera

Yesterday I took out a VERY interesting combination. Sony A7r, a 36MP 'Full-Frame' / 35mm fim size sensor camera with an e-mount aps-c 10-18mm zoom and a Samsung Galaxy 2, a 16MP 1/2.3 size sensor camera with a 23-483mm (35mm approx.) zoom. As the title says - Working at the extremes. Factor in some stormy weather and an old riverside town on a bank holiday and you have the right conditions for some fascinating photo opportunities. I had a great time.

I had one camera in each hand alternating between the two and it was a new, but rewarding way of working. I have some very different images and I've been processing some of them accordingly. I've often written that I treat my 'excursions' as a kind of photo essay of a place. These days I also like to try different post processing and the above are Photoshop and/or Snapseed. As you can see I didn't bother to remove the 10-18mm vignetting either, since these days it's almost obligatory to add that in anyway. 

The Samsung is actually very addictive. That zoom opens up all sorts of possibilities and I'm getting used to seeing things way in the distance and realising that I can actually photograph them. The dog was shot at the far end of that zoom, but with the incredible depth of field the micro sensor offers it doesn't look it. Gear is only as good as the possibilities it offers and this combination of what are my 'best' and 'worst' cameras in terms of IQ proved interesting to say the least. 

And I have to say via my whole 'Smartphone Aesthetic' and 'ART of point of shoot' explorations I'm producing some very different looking images. Now whether that's a good or bad thing only time will tell, but I'm genuinely enthused by this and look forward to my photo trips with a sense of anticipation and yes, excitement. Now that's when photo gear and camera kit means something and has a genuine value other than just owning it and when it actually becomes worth something beyond it's financial cost and (non) bragging rights. I've been sidetracked up the IQ cul-de-sac like many others, but at the moment it's me controlling the gear and making the decisions for aesthetic rather than technical reasons and that's both liberating and stimulating. Long may it continue.

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