The Sony RX10 - Don't call it a 'bridge' camera.

What on earth is a 'bridge' camera these days anyway? In the past it was some halfway house, compromised, all in one machine that was supposed to be somewhere between an SLR and a compact camera. However the looks were usually SLR and the performance compact camera like. They were supposedly for people who wanted the best of best worlds, but usually ended up being the worst.

The Sony RX10 is nothing like that.

This is probably the best all round, outdoor, landscape, travel and location picture creator I've ever owned. It has a fabulous lens, great AF in good light, lots of features, a decent build and it gets on with creating pictures in an unfussy and efficient way. Because of what the 1'' sensor makes possible it's a serious piece of kit. That sensor is a marvel of Sony's sensor tech. as well. It performs way better than many of us would expect from something this small, though these days after what the Nokia 1020 achieves, our expectations need to be revised.

Any notion of a 'bridge' camera would lead us to think that there are some compromises being made, but I haven't found any yet. It's just as capable as a m4/3 camera or an APS-C sensor camera. Under ideal shooting conditions the results are indistinguishable from my Panasonic or Fuji cameras, it shoots terrific video and I'm really glad I bought one. There is little point in comparing it with anything else and I have no intention of doing that. The image files it creates are sharp, have good dynamic range and more to the point produce good quality attractive looking pictures. 

Not much point in writing any more really. So I won't. 

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