The Panasonic FZ1000 - The most useful camera I've ever bought. - Superzooms.

People have often commented as to why I sell gear on such a regular basis and the reason is actually pretty obvious. Stuff just gets better all the time. And sometimes it comes from surprising directions. Hands up all those who thought that Panasonic would produce the FZ1000 with it's fast monster zoom lens and 4K video built around a 1" sensor. Because this is a marvel of a camera. The stills (at low ISO's) and video are incredibly good and that lens is just spectacular. Not up the Fuji 18-135mm in terms of IQ and speed of handling, but pretty damned impressive none the less. 

Until a week or two ago I didn't have a 'superzoom' yet now I seem to have accumulated four. 
  • Panasonic FZ1000 25-400 (35mm approx.) The best all-rounder.
  • Sony RX10 24-200mm f/2.8. (35mm approx.) The fastest in terms of aperture.
  • Samsung Galaxy 2 camera 23-483mm. The widest and the longest.
  • Fuji 18-135mm The best AF, IQ and fastest to use.

So a decent collection of wide to telephoto zooms. If I had to pick one however, I've have the FZ1000, because this is truly an incredible camera / lens combination. It's way out ahead in both my camera and lens of the year catergories. Because for my core work i.e. outdoors, daylight, landscape, location and architecture it's difficult to think of anything else I've ever owned that gives me so much in one package. 

It's also got this neat little trick. Yesterday I was out shooting on a golf course and I wanted to get a shot of a flag. This is difficult in a high wind and whenever I've done it before it's been pretty hit and miss. However, as you've probably guessed by now, I shot a short piece of 4K video and did a screen grab of the frame I liked. It's a decent sized file (8MP) and the quality is indistinguishable from the stills. Now it doesn't take me to tell you just how useful this is, for all sorts of situations. 

So indeed the FZ1000 is a wonderfully useful camera and one that would cover 99% of my needs both for stills and video. I just wonder if Panasonic realise just what they've done here. I bought this camera and immediately sold all my m4/3 gear. I suspect I may not be alone in doing that.

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