The Fuji Fujifilm Fujinon XF 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR in the field - the best superzoom ever?

Perhaps the best way to describe how the Fuji 18-135mm works in the real world is to say what it doesn't do.
  • It doesn't do distortion
  • It doesn't do soft edges
  • It doesn't do soft telephoto end
  • It doesn't do zoom creep
  • It doesn't do CA and fringing.
I thought the Panasonic 14-140mm was the best superzoom I'd ever used and it fact it won my lens of the year award, but it's just been overtaken. This Fuji is an absolute stunner optically. 

It's also incredibly responsive. I wrote in my previous post about how the three rings, zoom, focus and aperture are really well machined and using them to create pictures with shows just how good that is. This lens is really quick to zoom with and pretty much the fastest and easiest I've used. Absolutely superb. 

Now Fuji are a company that are known for their top of the range, yet sensibly priced lenses. Lot's of other companies, particularly the m4/3 duo of Panasonic and Olympus, who both seriously overprice their lenses, could learn from Fuji. The consistency of the whole XF range is truly remarkable. Their 'pro' f/2.8 zooms are going to be pretty special I think and I imagine I'd better start saving now. Plus there's that 90mm f/2 which is also coming. 
All of this makes Fuji XF easily the best quality lens range I've ever bought into. It just doesn't have any duds. Plus it's all useful and what photographers want. Fuji don't go and come up with some some wacky off the wall creation, but go the route of making lenses at tried and tested focal lengths and apertures that have proved themselves to be the most use for photographers. And of course one thing that demonstrates to me just how good they are is that there is no mention of, rumour about or any indication whatsover that they are even considering making a fisheye lens. Which in my book makes them even more worthy of my attention.

So a bit of a gush here, but very much deserved. Those of you who have had the pleasure of opening up those lovely little black boxes will know exactly what I mean about these lenses. Now I'm much less inclined to write posts about gear these days, but credit where it's due and I can still appreciate a well-made piece of kit that functions well. 

And finally, I have to say that the fact that this is no surprise, speaks volumes for Fuji's ever improving reputation as one of the premier lens makers. 

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