Sony A7r - Snapseed HDR from Raw files

Sony A7r Zeiss 35mm f/2.8 lens - 
Snapseed and Photoshop software

I think you will be aware that I've become a great fan of Snapseed software. These days I'm spending more time editing my images on my iPad using it than Photoshop on my laptop. However, what may not be realised is that Snapseed will process certain raw files as well as jpgs. including the monster files from my Sony A7r. 

Now this isn't possible on my iPad as it won't handle raw files, so the process is somewhat complicated. I have to upload the .ARW files to my Google Drive cloud account and then use Snapseed via the Chrome browser where it's the default photo editor for saved photos. The uploading is a bit slow but the actual editing is fast and I can then save a copy to finish off in Photoshop. 

The reason I go through all this fuss is to use two really great editing parameters. HDR Scape and Drama.

Just look at how much more 'life' there is in the Snapseed version from raw compared to the OOC jpg.

Some of my processing using Snapseed has been pretty over the top, but as you can see it can be pretty subtle as well and really give a 'lift' to a shot. 

Incidentally, Dpreview have drawn attention to another cloud based editing system for raw - and unless I've missed something it's complete junk. Pretty basic editing parameters and it won't let me save images larger than about 2MP. Plus it costs money to have those restrictions. Maybe someone out there has found out how to get something more out of it so I can ammend my view, but I'm sticking with Snapseed. It really is top class.

Digital Documentary Photography -DDP (???) from ImagesEurope on Stockimo.  
All will be revealed in an upcoming post

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