Sansung Galaxy 2 Camera Nokia Lumia 1020 and Combined Harvester

Images - Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 and Nokia Lumia 1020 - Various apps. / filters - Photoshop, Snapseed, Fotor, Instagram

Ann and I were driving home after a cycling / photo trip (of which more in the next post) when we saw a combined harvester in a field through a dense line of trees and hedges. Thinking we wouldn't get a view we were pleasantly surprised to see a gate with a clear view. Having got ahead of the harvester we set up with the Samsung and Nokia cameras and shot the pictures above as it passed.{%2225%22%3A%226%22}#1130ef3

We will be uploading filtered and unfiltered versions to various libraries, these are the filtered versions. Images like this are classic stock photographs and it will be interesting to see if these filtered versions get any sales. Much as we like them, there are an awful lot of pictures like this available fo sale on stock libraries, so at least these will look 'different'. 

The day was interesting in that we came to a decision, to pretty much cut back on the interchangeable lens systems and work with zoom lens cameras like the Samsung and the Sony RX10. The Panasonic FZ1000 is now available in the UK and one of those will be ordered today. The reason for this is the top shot, which is the best. The head on horizontal framing with the dramatic clouds was taken on the Samsung at 262mm (35mm film approximation) This is why we like zoom lenses. We were only able to work from one position and with a zoom there was the opportunity to put together a series of different views. Add in the fact that we only had a few minutes to do this and the advantages of a 'superzoom' are obvious. 

Finally a word of praise for the people who drive these things. Currently they are working flat out all over the country, starting at dawn and often working when it's dark with lights attached. They are doing nothing less than help feed us all. Puts making a living as a photographer into perspective.

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